Enjoy a Fall Drive

For many the slide in temperature is a sure sign that winter will be upon us and the days of car shows and seemingly endless daylight will soon be replaced by the crunching of snow and ice under foot and tire. While that is true for many parts of the U.S., it also marks an opportunity to enjoy what is perhaps the very best season for driving. Cool weather means little chance of overheating vintage machines, nor of their occupants. And fall foliage turns ordinary everyday sights into something to truly stop and appreciate.

There are tons of ‘Best Places for Fall Drives’ list out there, but it is not necessary to read any of them, and perhaps even advisable to avoid them. Most every place listed on any kind of popular list is likely to be overrun with otherwise well intentioned sight-seers. Your great adventure will feel more like a congested commute and all sense of spontaneity will be lost.

Use you sense of adventure and seek out a great drive of your own. Chances are, you already know of a great route, or you have at least heard of one from a trusted acquaintance. It will remind you why you spent all of those countless hours wrenching and polishing on the machine that is allowing you to create some great memories. Daniel Schmitt & Co. as always is here to help when it comes time to make a change in your collection, whether buying or selling. We try to take the uncertainty out of what can be an intimidating process, allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter – like enjoying a great fall drive. Happy motoring.    


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