Porsche 911s

The early Porsche 911 market has seen a truly meteoric rise in recent years and this trend shows no signs of slowing. Just as values in classic Ferraris continue to set records almost monthly, early Porsche 911 value trends have shown to be nearly as strong. The reasons for the rapid rise in value for these cars are simple: early Porsche 911 production was extremely limited with some models reaching production numbers totaling only in the hundreds. Combine this base level of rarity with the ravages of time and corrosion, and you are left with only a handful of viable examples. It also helps that the Porsche 911 has achieved legendary status among enthusiasts and capturing a legend in its earliest form is among the most coveted of prizes in the automotive world.

Daniel Schmitt & Co. specializes in early Porsche 911 buying and selling. We have the ability to recognize authentic examples and the knowledge to help potential buyers find a seat behind the wheel of the best possible early Porsche 911s available. We realize that buying a classic Porsche 911 is more than just a monetary transaction. We understand the passion people have for the Porsche 911 because we live it ourselves.

Whether you are interested in acquiring an early Porsche 911, or you would like to find a home for one you currently have, Daniel Schmitt & Co. can smooth every step of the process. We take the guesswork out of buying and selling, allowing buyers to focus on enjoying the objects of their desire instead of fretting over details that can cloud an otherwise pleasant experience. One look at our inventory shows how selective we are in choosing cars to offer for sale. We take pride in having the best in order to assure our clients will only get the best. Contact us today for all of your early Porsche 911 needs.




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