Collector Car Complexities

By: Daniel Burkemper, Director of Marketing and Research 

Owning and enjoying a classic, collectible car is a rewarding experience that most people only dream about. It is a chance to relive youth, or to create the youth you had wished you’d had. There is tremendous pride that comes with running a simple errand and being mobbed by curious admirers of your pride and joy. It is instant rock star status without the tediousness of learning an instrument and promoting an album. Driving a thoroughbred among a sea of mere appliances is an experience of true satisfaction and fulfillment.

There are many people ready to make the leap into ownership, but find the process intimidating. Contacting a private seller somewhere who purports to have your dream car and is ready to sell may appear wonderful on the surface, but there are many questions raised. Is this car really what the seller says it is? Even if the seller can be established as honest, do they poses the expertise needed to really know if the car they are selling is legitimate? Does the vehicle have a clear title? Even if these questions can be answered with some degree of certainty, how will you proceed with the actual exchange of funds? This is where utilizing the resources and expertise of a reputable dealer can make acquiring a collector car much simpler and enjoyable.

At Daniel Schmitt& Co. we have decades of experience evaluating and authenticating all makes and years of collectible and luxury automobiles. The cars we have for sale are among the finest available. You can be assured we have given each car a thorough assessment and addressed any special needs it may require. We add genuine value and bring peace of mind to each buying experience, removing the guesswork from what can be a complicated and uncertain process to the uninitiated. We have been assisting people become instant rock stars for years, and would be happy to do the same for you.   


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