An Inspired Season

Written by: Dan Burkemper, Daniel Schmitt & Co. Research Assistant

Before you know it, March 20 and the first day of spring will be upon us. Snow and cold will fade from memory, replaced by the sights and smells of spring. A desire to explore the newly warmed landscape will take over, and the need to once again get behind the wheel of a classic automobile will consume all thought. Will you be ready?
Given you have taken the proper care in bedding down your cherished vehicles for the winter, recommissioning them for duty is a straightforward affair: add fresh fuel, check the tire pressure and fluids, connect a hot battery, and hope for the best. If all goes according to plan, your object of affection will once again breathe life and be ready for miles of enjoyment. All again is right with the world.
However, perhaps you are reading this and thoughts of an invigorating early springtime drive is still just a fantasy, and that special vehicle has yet to materialize in your garage. Maybe it’s something that has always been at the top of a list in your far off thoughts, yet it has never seemed like a real possibility. But making a warm weather blast in an exhilarating vehicle need not be a difficult reality to achieve. Anyone would love to turn a wheel in a vintage Corvette, or Ferrari, but just as much fun can be had at a much lower cost of entry. Virtually any vintage machine provides an aura of excitement and thrill. Owning and caring for a unique vehicle will provide exclusivity matched by few others occupying the roadways. Of course a rare vintage Mercedes-Benz will draw stares and thumbs-up wherever you go, but so will a classic Mustang or Buick. Joining the legions of special vehicle owners is attainable by virtually anyone. And once you are in, you are a lifetime member and free to move up the ladder of vehicle status if you wish. But it all comes down to taking that first step and turning your daydreams into reality. Remember the old adage: you do not see vintage cars in therapist’s parking lots.
Owning a vintage or exclusive vehicle is an investment in yourself. Properly maintained, it will rarely lose value, and the majority of times will prove to be a financial boon over the long term. As investments, classic cars have outperformed both the Dow Jones and the S & P on an annual basis over the past decade and particularly over the last 36-months. And above all else, you will finally be enjoying that first warm drive in a car that makes you smile every time you look at it. Spring will be here before you know it. Make this one the year you finally join the club.
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Augustine


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